Medibank product knowledge and customer experience training



Medibank is an integrated healthcare company that provides both private health insurance and health solutions products.

Key project features

High Learner Engagement
Product Knowledge


A unique way to deliver product knowledge

Medibank was looking to empower current employees to understand six new products aimed at the particular life stages of their customers. Medibank wanted a solution that would:

- be an engaging online component of their blended learning programme

- appeal to their diverse workforce with humour and animated characters

- incorporate elements of Medibank's customer segmentation model

- provide a unique and engaging way to administer product knowledge training.


Innovative custom elearning

Kineo wanted to make Medibank's 'Products Made For Me' module come to life in an way that was fun, quirky, and conversational.

To begin, the 45-minute online module, built on Kineo's custom framework, would be narrated by a central figure, Dave, a health care enthusiast who would take learners through the ins-and-outs of the new product range. Dave, portrayed as an animated character, was designed through research with Medibank, to visually represent a 'Medibank Employee' so that learners could easily relate to him.

Bringing product knowledge training to life

Alongside Dave, six illustrated customer characters were developed, built on market research, customer research and client consultation, to represent examples of target customers for this range of products. Within the 45-minute module, Dave would introduce these character stories one by one, and the correlating product knowledge training for the appropriate product, using an RSA style animation to paint the picture for Medibank's front line audience.

Because of the time restraints on the video, product knowledge had to introduce high level product details and insights in to the main features and benefits.

Following the animation, the learner is presented with a summary of information to review, alongside a number of application activities to confirm their understanding of the information that was presented.


A unique way to deliver product knowledge

Through consultation, Kineo managed to successfully tailor the award-winning training videos to the Medibank audience, from the language that was used to the lifestyle and appearance of the customers and narrated host.

The training video also had an impact on the learner reaction. The videos drove immense discussion and excitement in the new product offering as feedback from the business proved that the video design and implementation was executed in a way that was easily understandable across all areas of the business. Additionally, the videos proved to be an immensely cost-effective marketing tool, as Medibank has been able to leverage this piece of learning and content, for a number of different activities and internal promotions across the business.

"As part of the launch of our new product suite, we wanted a learning solution that really helped us bring the new products to life for our staff members - Kineo exceeded these expectations. The various characters that were created through consultation were relatable and engaging. They assisted staff members in understanding examples of the different customer personalities and life stages that we aim our products towards.
Kineo really kept on the front foot with this piece, working effectively with us throughout the process. They accepted feedback positively, and the consultation and stakeholder management throughout was outstanding."
Jessica-Michelle Waters, Frontline Learning & Development Consultant


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