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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Introduction to Climate Change

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This course has been developed to provide learners with a basic understanding of climate change - its causes, impacts, and the actions and strategies that can make a difference.

Target Audience

With news headlines constantly reminding us of the grim reality of climate change, how can we feel less helpless in the face of the crisis and start actively tackling it?

In today's world, the effects of climate change are increasingly evident, and understanding this complex issue is essential for everyone.

To truly grasp the urgency of climate change, understanding the difference between weather and climate is a good starting point. While weather encompasses the ‘here and now’, climate reveals the long-term patterns that shape our lives. But here's the twist: climate change disrupts these patterns, affecting everything from ecosystems to jobs.

Understanding climate change is a crucial knowledge base for employees in all sectors. From retail to finance, from healthcare to technology, every industry is feeling the ripple effects. Climate change is the reality we're living in, and it's shaping our future. Whatever sector you work in, this is a universal challenge that demands collectively adapting and innovating in ways we never imagined.

Designed to empower learners globally, this course delves into climate change realities. It explores the impact of human activities on the carbon cycle and encourages deeper engagement with the key issues, including how those least responsible for the crisis are those most adversely affected by it.

The course also helps dispel a range of myths about climate change – especially those concerning which actions have the smallest and biggest positive impact in effectively tackling it.

By fostering understanding of the main climate change drivers and their implications, the course prompts action, nurturing a greater awareness of sustainability and the part we can all play in it.

Learning Outcomes

Navigating the challenges of climate change requires awareness, engagement, and action. The journey begins by accepting not just the scientific reality, but the part we all play in the narrative.

Find out about the hard facts of climate change - its causes, impacts, and the actions and strategies that will make a difference.

This course gives employees at all levels globally, foundational knowledge about climate change and the profound challenges it brings.

Crucially, it also explores the essential strategies that point towards a more positive future and encourages learners to make their own commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

This course provides learners with foundational knowledge of:  

  • what climate change is and why it's important
  • what's driving climate change
  • the indicators and global impacts of climate change
  • the science behind climate and its influence
  • how climate change affects different regions and communities.
  • strategies for adapting to and mitigating climate change.
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