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Cyber Awareness & Resilience (Cyber)

Phishing - Speared

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Cyber Awareness & Resilience (Cyber)
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Audio Stories, Information and Cybersecurity
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Target Audience

Listen to our story Speared to understand why you need to think carefully before you copy, send or delete sensitive organizational or personal information.Disclaimer:Priti Kumar is a fictitious name used for the purpose of this fictitious story only. Any similarity to a real person is not intended nor should it be inferred.Date last reviewed: 24/08/21

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this lesson, the users will be able to:- think carefully before copying, sending or deleting sensitive organisational or personal information,- apply caution before clicking on links or opening attachments contained within the emails or messages,- verify the identity of callers or senders of any messages that asked them to do something,- analyse what they've been asked to do in an email, phone call or other messages, especially when there is a sense of urgency,- take appropriate action if they receive suspicious emails or phone calls.