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Return To Work - Manager Support

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Interaction Training

This course introduces essential tools and strategies to support their teams when returning to the workplace. Learn how to plan a gradual return, prepare your team and office, foster engagement, and effectively communicate while considering individual circumstances. Explore strategies that support their well-being, adjustment, and effective reintegration.

Target Audience

All titles in our ready2work Personal Development range are tailored for individuals of all professional backgrounds and experience levels, offering essential skills in a wide array of everyday situations and settings. Whether you're just starting out in your professional journey or looking to take your career to the next level, this range is designed to equip you with skills and strategies to achieve your career goals.

Learning Outcomes

Equip your team with the necessary information and support to ensure a smooth transition. Master effective communication strategies and utilise collaboration tools for a cohesive work environment. Consider individual circumstances to provide tailored support and foster a supportive work environment.

Topics included: Return to Work - Manager Support: Planning - Guidance for a Graduated Return - Preparing your team - Preparing the Office - Fostering Team Engagement and Connection - Effective communication - Technologies - Collaboration Tools - Planning and Facilitating Virtual Meetings - Enhancing Team Connection - Promoting and Monitoring Remote Worker Productivity and Performance - Considering Individual Circumstances.

Return, Health, Stress, Change, Well-being, Safety, Back-to-Work, Awareness, Returning, Reintegration, Flexi-Work, Productivity, Engagement, Arrangements, Adaptation