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Change In The Workplace

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This course provides insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with workplace change, emphasising critical skills to support resilience, such as influence, negotiation, and analytical thinking. The goal is to build a workforce equipped to drive successful change initiatives and foster a positive culture of adaptability and resilience.

Target Audience

All titles in our ready2work Personal Development range are tailored for individuals of all professional backgrounds and experience levels, offering essential skills in a wide array of everyday situations and settings. Whether you're just starting out in your professional journey or looking to take your career to the next level, this range is designed to equip you with skills and strategies to achieve your career goals.

Learning Outcomes

Gain insights into the factors contributing to resistance to change and the importance of effective communication in managing change processes. Learn different approaches to leading and managing change at various levels. Learn about the benefits of mature change capability and develop communication checklists.

Topics include: Change in the Workplace: Workplace Change Dynamics - Five Key Tenets - Resistance to Change - Change and Communication - Employee Concerns - Leading Change - Organisational Change Management - Enterprise Change Management - Project Change Management - Change Processes - Human Transformation – ADKAR - Change Roles - Key Skills - Influence and Negotiation - Analytical Skills - People Skills - System Skills - Leadership Skills - Benefits of Mature Change Capability - Communication Checklist.

Change, Strategies, Leading, Adapting, Culture, Communication, Resilience, Teams, Transitions, Leader, Evolving