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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Introduction to Ethical Corporate Behaviour

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This course has been developed to provide learners with an understanding of how the actions and behaviour of an organisation defines it. It will explore corporate culture and values and how these are communicated in the outside world. It will also help you to understand how robust anti-corruption policies are crucial in promoting ethical corporate behaviour.

Target Audience

Governance training can be so much more than just a box-ticking exercise. It’s the foundation on which to build an ethical reputation for the company you work for. Everyone has a part to play in deciding how you want to be defined by the outside world. By positioning governance training as an opportunity for all employees to build a modern, sustainable, ethical business for the future you can tap into everyone’s desire to be proud and have bragging rights for where they work.

How do our actions define us? This course will explore how the culture and values of an organisation define how people see it and kick start learners on their journey towards understanding and contributing to ethical behaviour in business.

Understanding the importance of ethical corporate behaviour and the part each employee plays in building an ethical culture is the first step towards a deeper understanding of Governance issues in an organisation.  

This course builds a foundational knowledge of why ethical corporate behaviour is vital to an organisation’s success. It kicks learners off on their journey towards understanding the details and reasons behind the rules, regulations, and policies that underpin their work.

We’ll explore how our behaviour in the outside world shows our customers who we are as a business. We’ll consider how to behave on social media, and how to be transparent about affiliations and how much tax you pay.

We’ll also consider how the culture of an organisation and how you behave with your colleagues builds positivity and prevents corruption and negative business practices.

Learning Outcomes

So, how do you engage your workforce with the importance of ethical decisions, compliance with law, and ethical labour practices? Interactive activities which speak directly to employees about what issues are most important to them coupled with real-life examples turns dull compliance training into something each person can get on board with personally.

This course gives employees at all levels foundational knowledge about the benefits of a robust set of policies around values and governance that defines and shapes the culture of an organisation.

We’ll explore real-life examples of positive corporate behaviour, and we’ll ask learners to reflect on how they would approach setting up ethical behaviour for a fictional new business, putting their learning into context and getting to grips with the reality of what they are learning.  

After completing this course, learners will be able to:  

  • define corporate culture and values
  • interpret ethical decision-making within organisations
  • identify online corporate behaviour and how this is linked to reputation
  • recognise bribery and corruption, and  
  • recite the importance of reporting and whistleblowing mechanisms.
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