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Noise Awareness (Refresher)

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The activities in this pathway explore the harmful effects of workplace noise and how they can be controlled. The objective of this pathway is to increase your noise awareness by identifying the types of noise hazards you may encounter in your workplace, outlining the steps you can take to reduce them, and how you can protect yourself from their harmful effects.  When youve completed all the activities in this pathway, you should be able to: - State the harmful effects of workplace noise - Recognise noise hazards in your own workplace  - Demonstrate an awareness of noise control measures  - Describe the equipment available to protect you from noise-related harm.

Learning Outcomes

What are the Risks?This activity covers the facts relating to noise hazards, common sounds, and their sound levels, when protection is required, the harm that can occur and key questions for determining the risk you face. Reducing the RisksThis activity covers the purpose of noise risk assessments, the 4 methods used to reduce noise-related risks, and some practical examples of how these methods can be applied to the workplace. Protecting Your HearingThis activity covers the information employers must provide if noise hazards are present in the workplace, the types of hearing protection available, factors to consider when selecting and using hearing protection, and the purpose of occupational health surveillance.