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Hazards come in many forms, yet they needn’t result in harm.  There are common approaches to dealing with hazards that can reduce the risk of injury or illness.

It's National Tradies Health month and we aim to raise awareness of the health and safety risks for trade occupations, along with training solutions that can help minimise accidents in the workplace.

Here’s a round-up of short digital workplace courses endorsed by industry that can be applied in the workplace or on site, straight away.

Falls are the biggest contributor

The uppermost tradie health risk affecting building and construction workers is falls. These can be serious and worse, fatal and are largely caused from falls of heights of less than 4 metres from steps or ladders.  Falls also occur from roofs or scaffolds.

Working at Heights Hazard Guide is a short course aimed at workers who are already proficient and is used as a sign off to confirm competence with subject matter expertise provided by Greencap. Learners can glean information on:

  • working at heights and some of the common situations where working at heights may be required, and
  • controls that should be applied to reduce the risk associated with working at heights.

The risk factors relating to the removal of asbestos

1 in every 3 Australian homes contain asbestos.

Tradies and handymen who work on domestic properties are more likely to come across asbestos often so it’s vital they learn to identify and manage asbestos safely.

Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace educates on how to correctly manage asbestos and details the health and safety implications for the tradie as well as those around them.  Learners will gain critical knowledge on:

  • what asbestos is
  • the dangers presented by asbestos
  • how to identify asbestos in the workplace, and
  • some of the laws, roles and responsibilities associated with asbestos and safe asbestos removal.

User feedback gave 5 out of 5 stars for the course experience:

“Opened my eyes.  Made me aware of much more than I was aware of prior to the training.” Manufacturer, NSW
“I now have a heightened awareness of Asbestos in the Workplace, it’s potential harms and the best methods when encountering Asbestos on the Worksite.” Construction Worker, NSW

Safe handling and storage of hazardous materials

Handling dangerous products in workplaces requires a heightened responsibility and duty of care. If you use, handle or store hazardous chemicals in the workplace you will have specific duties and must comply with the relevant standards, codes of practice, and legislation to control WHS risks under the model WHS Regulations.

This selection of courses relating to the handling of hazardous materials reflects the latest Australian legislation and recommended best practice.

Biological Hazards Hazard Guide provides the learner with an understanding of the controls that should be applied to biological hazards in the workplace. Hazardous Chemicals for Managers and Supervisors applies to tradies in senior roles with direction and rules around how to manage hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Hazardous Chemicals Hazard Guide categories the levels of risk and aligns with Work Safe Australia publications on hazardous chemicals. Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods (Vic & WA) Hazard Guide is aimed at workers in Victoria and Western Australia who are already competent and is used as a sign off to confirm competence. Working Safely with Hazardous Chemicals caters for everyone in an Australian workplace.  This comprehensive course has been developed to provide the learner with an understanding of what hazardous chemicals are and how to identify them, how to maintain safety in the workplace and the controls used to manage the risks presented.

Sample relevant tradie WHS workplace training

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