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Like you, we’re committed to safe and healthy workplaces for everyone.

The benefits of a safe and healthy workplace ensures that all workers can be free from physical and psychological harm. October is National Safe Work Month and Safe Work Australia’s theme for 2021 is think safe. work safe. be safe.

We think that the National Safe Work Month 2021 theme has the appropriate emphasis and ring to it to keep safety front of mind when conducting activities in the workplace.

Knowing that good work health and safety practices also keeps us compliant is an added benefit.

We all need reminders that health and safety procedures need to be adhered to. It’s natural to cut corners to save time, yet if it puts us or our colleagues in potential danger, that’s not ok. Just-get-it-done attitudes really don’t work on a Construction site.

Workplace learning promotes a health and safety approach

Training has a big part to play in upholding workplace health and safety.

Our gift to you is a  compilation of digital training courses. These courses seek to provide a reminder, refresher or knowledge update on what is required to build and maintain a safe and healthy workplace culture.

Do you have workers operating off the ground, on ladders, cranes or on other elevated equipment where there is a risk of falling?  Working at Heights Hazard Guide is a short course aimed at learners that are already proficient.  The course is used to confirm competence, with subject matter expertise provided by Greencap.

Learners can glean information on:

  • working at heights and some of the common situations where working at heights may be required, and
  • controls that should be applied to reduce the risk associated with working at heights.

Other common workplace hazard courses are highlighted in a recent tradie health blog, Reducing workplace hazards through digital training

Of course, not all safety and health issues are physical.  Psychological safety is also a factor and with a growing emphasis, particularly with the majority of desk roles that are now conducted in a hybrid working fashion. Fast tracked by the COVID-19 Pandemic that has led to increased levels of isolated working, thus reducing human connection.  Read more about how organisations that focus on the wellbeing of their people are stronger.

Stress Less at Work is a short course that is designed to provide training for all employees in an organisation and provides an understanding of:

  • what stress is
  • stress in the workplace, and
  • building resilience to stress.

Positive Workplace Culture promotes an awareness of what a positive workplace culture is, as well as how to proactively identify and reduce risks that negatively impact workplace culture.

175,000 learners have rated Kineo Courses 4.5 out of 5 for satisfaction. We're biased of course, yet we think this speaks for itself.

Trial our worker health and safety courseware with no less than 7 popular titles to choose from, free with no risk or catches.

For further popular workplace training courses visit Kineo’s learning library.  

With the proper knowledge and training, we can all minimise risks and take responsibility for work health and safety.

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