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Business Ethics and Values

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This course has been designed to provide you with an enhanced understanding of business ethics and their significance in the corporate world, including ESG considerations, decision-making frameworks, codes of conduct, ethical culture, and the role of ethical leadership.

Target Audience

At a time where business ethics and values are in the spotlight like never before, how do leaders ensure that they’re setting the necessary ethical standards?

A single scandal or breach of ethics can tarnish a company's reputation for years. On the flip side, transparently ethical business practices are gaining more attention and appreciation in the public eye. This underscores the imperative of placing ethics and values at the heart of your business vision.

Your business purpose must go beyond being a tagline under the company name – it's your mission. It's what sets you apart from the competition and resonates with customers and employees alike. A business purpose rooted in strong ethics and values can build a positive brand image, attract customers, foster a culture of excellence, make a positive impact on society and ensure sustainable growth.

Ethical leadership isn't merely an aspirational notion – it gives you a strategic edge. By leading with integrity and setting an example, you create a culture where values are embedded in every action. Ethical leaders inspire a workforce that's engaged, motivated, and aligned with the company's vision, leading to enhanced performance and innovation.

This course is for managers and leaders, engaging with the essential aspects of business ethics and values helps reinforce the bedrock of your enterprise. It's about arming yourself with the skills to navigate the complex landscapes of modern commerce with the help of a strong moral compass. This goes beyond theory - it's a tangible defence against reputational damage that can linger when things go astray.  This course will give you an enhanced practical understanding of ESG considerations, decision-making frameworks, Business Ethics Codes, ethical culture, and the role of ethical leadership.

Learning Outcomes

In today's business world, leaders have a crucial role in recognising the profound impact of their operations on society.

However, ensuring that your team is fully committed to the values of ethical business conduct is equally vital.

This course delves into the essentials of ethical business practices.

As you navigate the complexities of today's corporate landscape, the course will help empower you to champion ethical and sustainable practices within your organisation.

It provides professionals with practitioner-level knowledge about the fundamentals of business ethics and values, and how to cultivate an ethical culture.

It also provides guidance on metrics for measuring ethical performance, external reporting and useful tools for ensuring ethical conduct.  

This course provides learners with an understanding of:  

  • the importance of business ethics in the corporate world
  • the relationship between ethics, values, and ESG considerations
  • applying ethics decision-making frameworks
  • the significance of codes of conduct and business ethics codes
  • building an ethical culture and setting ethical standards
  • the role of ethical leadership in guiding organisational values and decisions.

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