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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Introduction to the Green Economy

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This course has been developed to provide learners with an introduction to the Green Economy and its role in addressing climate change and achieving Net Zero.

Target Audience

The Green Economy has a vital part to play in addressing climate change and achieving Net Zero. How can your business be a part of it?

The green economy is an emerging framework that aims to develop our global economy without damaging the environment. It provides opportunities for businesses to grow and thrive while achieving Net Zero emissions.

The green economy is driving a shift towards sustainable construction practices, like using eco-friendly materials. Innovative new farming practices are emerging which use less, fertiliser, optimise the crops they produce, and rewild to keep ecosystems healthy. Innovations and investments in sustainable food production, energy, transport, efficient technology, waste management, and many more are helping businesses to adapt and become a part of the green economy.

Educating yourself and your employees in sustainable business practices and economic advancements can connect people with sustainable goals and help you on the path to net zero. It can help stimulate ideas and involvement and put some emphasis on the positives!  

The Introduction to the Green Economy course gives employees, at all levels globally, foundational knowledge about what businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and employees can do to be a part of a sustainable and thriving future. Educating your people about practical, tangible, and positive actions towards a sustainable future will help them to feel a part of their workplace sustainability aims. The reflective exercises and ‘pledges’ enable them to look inwards at their own potential contribution.

Learning Outcomes

With a focus on how we can transform the way we work, such as: using sustainable materials in construction, using alternative farming practices to eliminate the need for pesticides, and transforming the way we travel, you’ll be able to see a way forward for your business and beyond. The course introduce the basics of climate change, its impacts and how businesses are adapting and mitigating.

Kineo Courses’ new Introduction to the Green Economy course provides learners with foundational knowledge of:  

  • the concept of the green economy and its role in addressing climate change
  • the potential for business growth and innovation within the green economy
  • opportunities for existing and emerging technologies within the green economy, and
  • the environmental benefits of transitioning to a green economy.

This course features high quality imagery, engaging animations, interactive activities and information that focusses on tangible business practices that can support a sustainable future economy.

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